Wendy King – Ukelele Girl

Sleeve Notes:

Wendy King – born into Show Business! With her father a comedian and her mother a dancer it’s no wonder that she has inherited the personality, originality and vitality necessary for this exacting profession.

Getting into her stride with her own backing group at the tender age of thirteen, Wendy was proclaimed in the national press as the Cinderella of Song – she was allowed to sing in public provided that she was home by nine o’clock! Two years later she jumped on the stand at a Bob Miller performance and insisted on singing with the band. The result? Bob Miller immediately signed up Wendy, and she toured with his band on a series of one-night-stands, culminating with a season at the Palace Ballroom, Isle of Man.

Wendy then turned to the world of cabaret as a solo performer, becoming a star success right round the country. Then, an audition on the famed programme ‘Opportunity Knocks’ resulted in a triple win, leading to no less than sixteen TV shows on Tyne-Tees, Grampian, and Border TV.

To start with her father (who knew the hard, problematical world of Show Business) did not want Wendy to follow in his footsteps – but her insistence and obvious talent won him over: inspired by her success, he is now the writer of Wendy’s original songs. A champion sprinter in her Youth Club days, Wendy is out to prove – as Hughie Green proclaimed on TV – that she is going to be a longstayer in the field of Show Business: and all the signs are that Wendy is now well on her way up the ladder of fame.

Wendy King - Ukelele Girl

Label: Contour Records 2870110

1971 1970s Covers

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