The Cascading Strings – Golden Memories

Sleeve Notes:

GOLDEN MEMORIES return to me
every time I hear this melody,
Memories enfold me, Memories that hold me,
Memories of Gold, that mean the world to me.

Your smile tells me that you remember too,
how we used to dance the whole night through,
knowing we would belong,
the day this Golden Melody became our song.

I can tell this lovely melody
lingers softly in your memory,
bringing you Memories of
the night we found our Love and called this Golden Melody OUR SONG.

Most of us have a soft spot for one particular song — a song which brings back all those precious memories we can never recapture often enough. This album aims to do just this —bring back a few of your treasured and Golden Memories —and we hope that Your Song is one of those featured here by THE CASCADING STRINGS, conducted by GREGORY. This record includes a wide selection of some of the world’s most popular ‘Standards’, embracing several decades, but actually begins with a new song — the song which has given its title to the album — ‘GOLDEN MEMORIES’. Composed especially with this record in mind by their Conductor JOHN GREGORY, THE CASCADING STRINGS play this beautiful melody as if it is an ‘Evergreen’ they have long known, and indeed, as with many of the world’s most popular songs, it is the kind of melody you hear for the first time, and yet feel you have known it a lifteime.

Apart from conducting the orchestra, GREGORY arranges and orchestrates all the music himself, and over the past years, has developed a style of arranging which he calls ‘Panoramic Sound Pictures’. On the previous LP entitled ‘THE CASCADING STRINGS’ (6308 016) the track which best portrays this idea is his arrangement of ‘Raindrops Keep falling on my Head’.

On this record however, the best example of a GREGORY Sound Picture’, is the track which opens side two — Charles Trenet’s famous ‘LA MER’. He begins this quietly, depecting the sea’s tranquil yet mysterious quality. Gradually the sounds ‘swells’ as first a little wave, and then a larger one, approaches the seashore, gathers speed, tumbling over itself, and then crashes down on to golden sands, spreading out like a fan, and then receding, dragging with it the shingle from the water’s edge. The warmth and depth of the melody bring us back to the serenity and calmness of the sea, but in the background, behind the piano solo, one can still hear the little wavelets (on violins), dancing and breaking over the rocks, sparkling like diamonds in the glittering sunshine.

‘NIGHT AND DAY’ is another lovely arrangement, done in a modern style. As THE CASCADING STRINGS play this number, it is easy to picture yourself on some balcony at night, with the moon highlighting the features of your loved-one beside you, and as the ‘cellos play the melody, you will hear in the background (on violins) the rustling of the leaves on the trees overhead, as the gentle breeze fills the evening air with the scent of flowers.

‘JUST AN OLD FASHIONED WALTZ’ begins gently, almost shyly, like young love, but gradually, we are transported as though in a dream, to an elegant ballroom setting, where we see a young girl in a beautiful long gown, which billows gracefully as she is being swung gently round the dance floor by her partner.

The song that was featured in the Columbia picture ‘Cover Girl’ starring Rita Hayworth — ‘LONG AGO AND FAR AWAY’ — has been given an unusual rhythmic pattern, and the opening to ‘MOONLIGHT AND ROSES’, which closes the album, is almost symphonic in its approach. Apart from this, what more remains to be said about such famous songs as Rodgers’ and Hammerstein’s ‘SOME ENCHANTED EVENING’ and ‘THE SOUND OF MUSIC’, or Charles Chaplin’s recent ‘THIS IS MY SONG’, that hasn’t been said so many times before. The same might be said of ‘LOVE IS A MANY SPLENDOURED THING’, ‘STRANGERS IN THE NIGHT’ or the ever-popular ‘ANNIVERSARY WALTZ’. On this album, GREGORY has given them all beautiful, warm and melodic treatments, which truly show THE CASCADING STRINGS off to their fullest advantage. We are sure you will enjoy listening to this record as much as we enjoyed making it for you, and if Your Song was not one of those featured here, then perhaps it will be on our next volume of GOLDEN MEMORIES.

Beverley Campion

Label: Philips 6308061

1971 1970s Covers

Manuel and the Music of the Mountains – Cha Cha with Manuel

Sleeve Notes:

Fernando, Baubles, Bangles And Beads, Guantanamera, Stranger In The Shadows, South Of The Border, Blue Skies, Dancing In The Sun (Un Rayo Del Sol), Frenesi, Sway, Quizas, Quizas, Quizas, Amor, Amor, Perfidia

[Manuel was actually Geoff Love – British arranger and composer of easy listening and pop versions of film themes. Search Geoff Love or Manuel for other covers by him]

Manuel and the Music of the Mountains - Cha Cha with Manuel

Label: EMI NTS 152
Cover photo: Rayment Kirby
Cover design: Feref

1978 1970s Covers

Victor Silvester Orchestra – It’s D’Lovely

Sleeve Notes:

With his usual flair for choosing just the right tunes Victor Silvester has come up with an album that combines the best of such legendary American songwriting names as Cole Porter, Kern, Johnny Mercer and Hammerstein with. contributions from todays names, Henry Mancini and Francis Lai.

And the result is, as usual with Mr Silvester’s albums, a delightful collection that should fall upon the welcome ears of dance enthusiasts and arm chair listeners alike. Kicking off with a classic from the pen of Porter the Victor Silvester Orchestra plays its way through a programme of ,unforgettable melodies.
Matching those melodies are dance steps that not only seem right for the songs themselves but also give them a special lift. A sure sign, as if one were needed, that Mr Silvester’s albums are always aimed predominantly at the dance market.
Since their signing with Pye Records Victor Silvester and his son have turned out some memorable albums and certainly “It’s D’ Lovely” is one of their best ever.
Victor Silvester Orchestra - It's D'Lovely

Label: Pye NSPL 18515
Album Design: Paul Chave/Tactics

1976 1970s Covers

Sylvia – Y Viva España

Sleeve Notes:

The first track on this dynamic L.P. will bring back the memories (for many of us) of a warm summer’s evening spent dancing the night away on the patio of a Spanish hotel — many continentals have said that ‘Y VIVA ESPANA’ is the song that encourages an English person to give way to their inhibitions!

Sylvia Vrethammar — the lady responsible for this break-through — was born in Sweden and, after her singing talents were discovered in a local competition, Sylvia became most sought after and in a very short space of time she became the most popular star in her country. Stardom for Sylvia may have begun in Sweden but it certainly doesn’t end there — her songs are popular on an inter-national scale, understandably so when the majority of her singles are ‘evergreens’ — quite an achievement for a pop star. ‘ FOR ONCE IN MY LIFE’ is a track on this album and is another example of a song that keeps returning to the international pop charts.

Sylvia’s first major international appearance was in the autumn of 1970 when she went to Rio to compete in a music festival. She came third in the finals and attracted a host of new fans. She also met the samba trio ‘Pandeirous de Oro’ who travelled back to Sweden with Sylvia and together they worked a tremendously successful summer tour.

Sylvia’s talents have taken her to so many parts of the world, including Germany, where she appeared on television, Denmark, where she took part in a summer folk tour and the Soviet Union which was so successful that the tour had to be extended by popular demand!

With all these exotic trips for Sylvia and many more in the pipe-line you can understand how her voice generates so much sunshine to so many people and, now that you have this Pickwick album you can rest assured that you have a host of ‘evergreens’ to enjoy for many years to come!

Sylvia - Y Viva España

Label: Pickwick SHM 921

1977 1970s Covers

Solid Gold Parade of Pops Vol. 2

Sleeve Notes:

PARADE OF POPS is proud to present a smash selection of today’s big hit singles all on one magnificent stereo L.P. record.

Twelve of the best selling Chart Tracks which re-create for you the atmosphere, excitement and pleasure of the biggest sounds in pop music NOW!
Our selection will be your enjoyment over and over again ranging from “PUPPY LOVE” to the latest smash hit “CIRCLES”. Every Track performed to give your party and home listening all the impact in full stereo reproduction of the original versions you listen to every day.
Our Cover model is also the latest in fashion and wears a fabulous outfit obtainable from all branches of DOROTHY PERKINS at a ‘budget with quality price’ to well match this great collection of sounds.
Solid Gold Parade of Pops Vol. 2

Label: Windmill Records WPP 5002

1972 1970s Covers

It’s… Mrs. Mopps Piano Party

Sleeve Notes:

There’s Always Room At Our House, Frankie & Johnny, On Top Of Old Smokey, Goodnight Sweetheart, Greensleeves, My Very Good Friend The Milkman, The Ferry Boat Inn, Little Girl, She Wears Red Feathers, Cielito Linda, Pennies From Heaven, Cruising Down The River

On this album we have captured the swingin’ style of MRS MOPP. Roll back the carpet and let’s have a party.

It's... Mrs. Mopps Piano Party

Label: Deacon Records DEA 1059

1971 1970s Covers