The world of record covers is ever fascinating and we’ve found lots of websites providing almost as much visual pleasure as ours. Along the way we’ve come across these places which we think are worth a visit. If you think so too don’t forget to let them know you found them here! Some of these links direct you to risqué images of risqué album covers so viewer discretion is advised.

Girls on Chairs: 25 Vintage Album Covers of Sexy Seated Sirens of Song

This site does exactly what the title promises – displays record covers that features girls sitting on chairs. And what an excellent job they’ve done.

Girls on Chairs: 25 Vintage Album Covers of Sexy Seated Sirens of Song

Cover versions

A Russian guy called Yaroslav Sviridov created this page that features a wonderful collection of bizarre album covers spanning the full range between sexist parody to religious oddity. Be prepared to be confounded by these quirky abominations. The page itself is in Russian but if you’re using a browser like Chrome you’ll have the option to have the text translated into English when you drop on to the site. Check it out soon, the page has been there since 2008 – who knows it may be gone tomorrow!

Worst jazz LP covers ever

Jazz music lovers are a discerning lot and when a record cover falls below the standard deserving of the niche genre then they want to let you know about it. This site does that admirably and in spades. Feast your peepers on a barrowful of covers that while not always shocking or hilarious and are always interesting.

Worst jazz LP covers ever

Awkward Christian Music Album Covers

We’d be happy to let you know about other religions’ crazy album covers, but though we looked we didn’t find. So for now we’ll just have to make do with these Christian themed examples. This webpage showcases a churchful of weird covers with great aplomb.

Awkward Christian Music Album Covers

Awkward Vintage Christmas Album Covers

Well some of these are certainly awkward but some of them are also just plain creepy. Either way they are a feast for the senses. Christmas may never be the same again for you after viewing these.

Awkward Vintage Christmas Album Covers

Herdwick Books

Finally, a shameless plug for friends of ours. Herdwick Books publish excellent Beatles books including diaries and notebooks with bespoke Beatles content. Ideal gifts!

Do you know of any other cool record cover websites that you think others might want to see?

Let us know here – we’ll add them to our list for everyone to enjoy!

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