All the covers on this site are privately owned and not yet for sale though may become available for sale in the future. Many of them come up for sale frequently on auctions sites such as ebay or discography sites like Discogs so it’s worth checking there if you want to start your own collection. If there is a particular cover here that you simply must have then send us a message – we may be able to help.

Of course! If you think you have a cover that would fit into the Cover Heaven style well we would love to see it. In the first instance tell us what you’ve got using our contact form. If we like the sound of it we’ll ask for a high quality version which we can use on the site. We’ll give you exact details at the time but you should be aware that covers need to be at least 1500px wide and high and with no distortion, saved as high quality jpegs. You may need a good quality camera and tripod to achieve this – see below.

By the time the nineties came round the aesthetic styles of previous decades had undergone a transformation and covers generally lost their previous look. A lot of nineties’ covers are great but they don’t fit the Cover Heaven mould. If the nineties and beyond are your thing why not start a site of our own!

This is down to the point of this site. These covers are mostly forgotten, rarely celebrated and usually by artists outside of the main stream. We like it that way because these covers have something that has been overlooked. You will find one or two famous covers that fit well into our archive such as Whipped Cream & Other Delights.

The covers that appear on Cover Heaven are not scanned but photographed with a digital camera. Scanning is difficult for album covers as only expensive professional scanners can accommodate the size of them so trying it on regular scanners requires “stitching” together several scans with varying degrees of success. We find the camera method gives the best results. The camera is mounted on a tripod and pointed down directly at the cover making sure the front of the lens is parallel to the record cover. We are careful to make sure unwanted light is not reflected onto the covers and use a good quality lens. We use our Photoshop experience to restore colours, remove tears, stickers and generally tidy up those covers that require it. The camera does not need to be expensive – a budget DSLR will do a great job. Just don’t try to hand-hold it!

This is for the completist among you. There are some people who like to know what the other side of a record cover looks like including us so that’s why we show them.

Ads can be very distracting and spoil the look of a site though we get that they are often needed to keep everyone fed and watered. This site is a labour of love but if you like it enough to wish to contribute to our running costs that would be appreciated immensely. It helps to keep this site alive and enables us to add new covers all the time. Here is our contribute button:

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