Cover Heaven first saw the light of day in 1998 when computers were basic, the internet was in its infancy and in the time taken for a web page to appear on screen you could make yourself a cup of tea, landscape your garden and have enough time left over to watch paint dry. Back then the idea took off slowly but within a year the fledgling Cover Heaven site had been visited by over 480,000 people around the world. Some people didn’t quite understand the concept or purpose with many believing it was simply an excuse to feature attractive women in the guise of the study of record covers through the ages. They were of course absolutely right but it’s also much more and in the end whatever you want it to be. Many covers are cheesy, some are astonishingly sexist while others are faintly ridiculous. And some are works of art. The one thing they all have in common is that they are often pleasing and/or amusing to look at and give us a glimpse into a past that is now hard to conceive. We hope you enjoy your ramble through the covers of Cover Heaven.

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All of the record covers featured on the Cover Heaven website are the copyright of the original designers, record companies, photographers or artists. Where information is known credits are shown for design and photography. Where no credit is shown no more information is presently available. The covers displayed on this site are for informational use only. Cover Heaven always credits photographers and sleeve designers where this information is known and will be happy to add credits to any cover artwork if supplied to us together with any links to the designers/photographers’ own websites. All images used on this site have been photographed and reproduced by Cover Heaven. Images have been retouched only when this is for purposes of removing marks, scratches, creases, tears and imperfections. No retouching is carried out to persons featured on the covers except where marks, tears and creases have compromised their visibility. Images are not to be reused for any other purpose except for research use. Contributors to Wikipedia and similar online informational sites are not permitted to use any of the images on Cover Heaven. Contributors to Wikipedia and similar online informational sites may however link to indivdual urls within If you are in any doubt about your accessing or use of any of the images used on this site please contact us via the contact form above.

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