Top of the Pops Vol. 44

Top of the Pops Vol. 44

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Sleeve Notes:

TOP OF THE POPS is here – yes, Volume 44 of Pickwicks’ top selling smash hit series. Once again you can enjoy listening to 12 of the latest, exciting new tracks, hand-picked from the charts, and all on one fabulous L.P.

As quoted in one pop magazine — “Some of these cover versions are better than the originals.” And that’s what it’s all about — all our artists and musicians are tops, all our songs are pops, all our recordings are great … and, like the proverbial “Hot cakes” all our volumes sell almost before you can say ‘TOP OF THE POPS!’

… By the way, if you (or your friends and family) have got a tape machine in your home or car, TOP OF THE POPS is also available on Cassette HSC 250 and 8-track Cartridge H8250. Tune in!

Top of the Pops Vol. 44

Label: Hallmark SHM 900

1975 1970s Covers Top of the Pops Collection

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