Top of the Pops Vol. 40

Sleeve Notes:

“What is the phenomenal release that will have legions of pop fans racing to their local record dealer or department store? Volume 40 of Hallmark Records’ Top of the Pops – a series, which since it was inaugurated six years ago has sold six and a half million records in the UK alone, more than half of those being sold in the last two years”.

No we’re not blowing our own trumpet. This was a quote from the 31st August edition of “Music Week” the leading Journal to the record trade. You want to hear more? yes? Right, here goes – from the same feature article.

“To a great extent, we have a regular buying clientele, although I think we are getting new customers all the time. Many people send us letters, telling us that for some reason or other they’ve lost or damaged one of the volumes, and would it be possible to obtain a replacement, otherwise their set will be incomplete. I’m sure that the Top of the Pops will continue as long as we give tremendous value for money and don’t go amiss with our choice of titles”.

We think this is enough to show what a great buying public we have for the longest-running, best-selling, regularly released album in the world.

Here’s Volume 40 – Enjoy it!

Top of the Pops Vol. 40

Hallmark SHM 875

1974 1970s Covers

Top of the Pops Best of ’72

Sleeve Notes:

As most pop fans know our Hallmark “Top of the Pops” albums, issued every six or eight weeks, are consistently the best selling records of their kind in the world.

Each issue of “Top of the Pops” sells, not in thousands, but in hundreds of thousands; and, such is the outstanding success of these records, we decided in 1969 to introduce a “Best of Top of the Pops”, containing the thirteen best tunes from “Top of the Pops” issued during the year.

This was a runaway success and so were the subsequent issues; and all you pop enthusiasts supported us wonderfully.

We are thus encouraged to produce yet another “BEST OF” this year and again we have gone to enormous trouble to serve up on this album a superb selection of 13 hit tunes of the year, all of which have been featured at No. 1.

You’ll swing to these rhythms made famous during the year by the greatest artistes in show business. We sincerely think some of our versions are even better than the originals! Try it.


We think we have produced a winner. There’s rhythm and beat and wonderful sound on the record to set your feet tapping; and there’s a gorgeous gal on our poster calendar to titillate your eyes.

We’ve done our very best. We KNOW you will do your best to make this big value release an all-time winner.

Thanks a million.

Top of the Pops Best of ’72

Label: Hallmark SHM 799

1972 1970s Covers Top of the Pops Collection

Top of the Pops Vol. 51

Sleeve Notes:

Here’s yet another great pop L.P. from Pickwick. And as always, it’s packed with the latest, most up-to-datest chart sounds.
With twelve super tracks brilliantly performed and produced to the very highest standard, Top of the Pops is without doubt the best value for money to be found. If you prefer listening to your music on tape, then you can get this very album on Stereo Cassette HSC 290 or 8-track Cartridge H 8290.

another smash hit L.P. from Pickwick.

Top of the Pops Vol. 51 - another in the outstanding series of Top of the pops album covers.

Label: Hallmark SHM 940

1976 1970s Covers Top of the Pops Collection

Top of the Pops Vol. 14

Sleeve Notes:

Every single Pop fan in the country has been screaming for our next issue of ‘Top of the Pops’ (or so it seems to our hard pressed staff). Well, here it is – brighter, breezier, beatier than any of our previous issues and packed with twelve of the current hit tunes. You’ll listen to this album once, and you’ll play it over and over again. Never mind the neighbours – they’ll probably love it too’. If you have a neighbour who’s a Square, never mind again, he’s bound to be converted after you’ve played it a few hundred times.

So Hip, Hip, you hippies; and Yippee, you yippies; go grab yourself this handful of rhythm and beat its brains out on your player until our next issue comes out – and when it does, yell for it loud and clear, for they’ll be moving off the shelf – but fast.

Top of the Pops Vol. 14

Label: Hallmark SHM 710

1970 1970s Covers Top of the Pops Collection

Top of the Pops Vol. 81

Sleeve Notes:

Now that the flowers are out,
the skies are blue and
the sun still tries to shine.
What could be finer than to add some
sunny sounds to that all-over warm feeling.

Well here’s your chance to dance or sing as the fabulous Top Of The Poppers perform their usual array of your favourite songs. Gather round – Kick off your shoes, and whistle a happy tune. We’ve got them all – sixteen of the latest sounds around.

Don’t miss out – this is one musical event you can certainly afford.

Top of the Pops, Vol. 81.

Top of the Pops Vol. 81 Top of the Poppers - - a 1980s album cover from Cover Heaven

Label: Hallmark SHM 3043

1980 1980s Covers Top of the Pops Collection

Top of the Pops Best of ’75

Sleeve Notes:

14 Number One hits* of 1975. Plus a giant Calendar/Poster

This is some record! Every song’s a number one! Yes, each of the 14 great selections on this L.P. has been Number 1 in the 1975 Pop Music Charts! Each is an absolute WOW!

Take a look at the titles – ’Oh Boy’, ’Space Oddity’, ’Bye Bye Baby’, ’If’, etc. – and listen to the fine quality of the production and recording! This has got to be the greatest L.P. ever – and the greatest value! 

There’s an inspiring FREE gift inside the record sleeve, too… a Giant poperific pin-up Calendar Poster for 1976. Take a look. 

Incidentally, do you know about TOP OF THE POPS? Every 6 to 8 weeks a new volume is released, packed with 12 super-charged pop hits and producing the World’s largest selling, regularly released L.P’s. 

The Pickwick people have certainly done it again by selecting these smash hits, and putting them all together to make “THE BEST OF TOP OF THE POPS 1975”. It’s the perfect L.P. for Party-time or anytime… music that makes you feel you’re living… and it’s a great L.P. for giving! So turn on your player, tune in, and happy listening.

Top of the Pops Best of '75 - another in the cheesy series of Top of the Pops record covers
Top of the Pops Best of '75 - another in the cheesy series of Top of the Pops record covers

Label: Hallmark SHM 930

1975 1970s Covers Top of the Pops Collection

Top of the Pops Best of ’79

Sleeve Notes:

Yes, it’s the BEST OF “TOP OF THE POPS” 1979;
Gather round all you pop fans and listen!

The Top of the Poppers are putting on their best show to date, they bring you their very own versions of all the number one sounds from 1979. The very best from the past year covering a host of musical tastes. In this collection, there’s more than just No. 1 sounds to “hit” you between the eyeballs – wait ‘til you see our Top of the Pops 34” x 23” calendar, and she’s got 365 dates in 1980, all FREE for you!

So pop fans – wait no more – our own Top of the Poppers jerk, disco, bop and ballad their way through your favourite No. 1 chart sounds of 1979.

Gather one round on your turntable and you’ll be pleased Pickwick Pop the Tops so all the hits will hit…

Top of the Pops Best of '79 - a saucy record cover from Cover Heaven
Top of the Pops Best of '79 -  from Cover Heaven

Label: Hallmark SHM 3016

1979 1970s Covers Top of the Pops Collection

Top of the Pops Vol. 10

Sleeve Notes:

This makes the tenth L.P. in the “Top of the Pops” series, which (apart from the water for the whisky) must be about the best value for a party you’ll ever find.

Right now there are quite a few people sharing this opinion because with each fresh issue we keep finding “Top of the Pops” in the best sellers, and that can only be because the word’s getting around!

So, if you like parties, use “Top of the Pops” as an excuse to organise your own. Alternatively, if you don’t like parties, why, throw a quick one and just invite yourself.

Top of the Pops Vol. 10

Label: Hallmark CHM 670

1970 1970s Covers Top of the Pops Collection

Top of the Pops Best of ’69

Sleeve Notes:

What is a hit tune? Our Producer, a keen student of such things, reckons that, to be a hit, a tune must “arouse a desire to possess”.

Ever Since Man, having outlived the sabre-toothed tiger, found time to whistle, there have been hit tunes. Most of these have their day and go their way; but every now and then one comes along which for some reason is different. It ENDURES. Take “Greensleeves”, for example. Old Henry VIII, to whom it is generally attributed, admittedly was in a marvellous position in his day to influence the plugging; and might well have made it a hit by unfair trading. But, without its sheer quality, it could never have survived the century.

Nothing changes. From the many hits of 1969, we have chosen twelve which have been OUTSTANDING, and brought them together on to this Hallmark LP, and if, in a few hundred years’ time, your descendants find a “Greensleeves” or two in this collection, we won’t be a bit surprised.

Top of the Pops, the Best of "69"

Label: Hallmark CHM 665

1969 1960s Covers Top of the Pops Collection

Top of the Pops Vol. 44

Sleeve Notes:

TOP OF THE POPS is here – yes, Volume 44 of Pickwicks’ top selling smash hit series. Once again you can enjoy listening to 12 of the latest, exciting new tracks, hand-picked from the charts, and all on one fabulous L.P.

As quoted in one pop magazine — “Some of these cover versions are better than the originals.” And that’s what it’s all about — all our artists and musicians are tops, all our songs are pops, all our recordings are great … and, like the proverbial “Hot cakes” all our volumes sell almost before you can say ‘TOP OF THE POPS!’

… By the way, if you (or your friends and family) have got a tape machine in your home or car, TOP OF THE POPS is also available on Cassette HSC 250 and 8-track Cartridge H8250. Tune in!

Top of the Pops Vol. 44

Label: Hallmark SHM 900

1975 1970s Covers Top of the Pops Collection