The George Shearing Quintet – Latin Lace

Sleeve Notes:

With his first latin-styled album, Latin Escapade, George Shearing demonstrated the new excitement and color his Quintet and deft piano stylings give to South American rhythms.

In Latin Lace, Shearing’s piano, leading the way for the Quintet and a brace of latin percussionists, wends its way through a still wider variety of melodies.

In Latin Lace, the Shearing touch lends the tunes an equally wide range of sound, from the lazy rhythms of the siesta hour to the sweep and turnult of the Amazon.

In Latin Lace, there’s a whole continent of swinging evidence to Shearing’s romantic way with these Wiles, all with a latin accent.

In Latin Lace, with the Shearing piano as the catalyst, you find a fresh, beguiling adventure in a style perfect for imaginative listening in the tropical mood.

Label: Capitol T1082

1958 1950s Covers

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