Danny Street – Engelbert Humperdink songs

A common ruse to part punters from their pounds – display the name of a very famous singer (Engelbert Humperdink in this instance) in large print and then in much smaller print on the back reveal the fact that these are not actually sung by that famous singer but by someone you’ve very likely never heard of.

Sleeve Notes:

Engelbert Humperdinck (that unusual name) attracted everyone’s attention when he appeared on the pop scene with “Release Me”. He has never lost it. The name was a gimmick, but the voice and songs of Engelbert needed no gimmicks. This album has all his World Wide greatest hits such as ‘Release Me’, ‘The Last Waltz’ and ‘Bicylettes De Belsize’. All are beautifully recorded and arranged with a voice – a very famous one (but not Engelbert’s, of course) – that may make you scratch your head with wonderment

Danny Street - Engelbert Humperdink songs

Label: Boulevard 4057
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1971 1970s Covers

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