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This business of trying to predict just what will top the record charts from week to week is probably one of the most thankless and frustrating tasks facing anyone. Especially those who make their living through selling pop. Yet glance down at the twelve titles on this album, listen to the lyrics and the strong melodies that emerge and you may find yourself wondering just why the experts didn’t sit back and wait for success to happen. These are, after all, good songs by writers who know about popular appeal and some have been around long enough to ensure that the essential ingredients of a good pop song-catchy, simple melody and easy-on-the-ear lyrics are there. But in the end it’s the record buyer who decides that a song like “In the million-plus seller and that the haunting delicacy of Cat Stevens’ melody for “Lady D’Arbanville” isn’t overlooked. And that’s just what pop is all about, so settle back, turn on the record player and listen to some of the most successful chartoppers of the year! summertime” becomes a phenomenal.


Chartoppers top sellers from the record charts

Label: Stereo Gold Award MER 324

1970 1970s Covers Stereo Gold Award Collection

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