Sad Songs Irish Style – Various Artists

Sleeve Notes:

Irish people seem to enjoy a sad song, whether it be an Irish song or a Country and Western type song; and many on this fine album are of the latter.

Frankie McBride sings “WITH PEN IN HAND” and Big Tom sings his ‘monster’ hit song “GENTLE MOTHER”. They are all fine examples of the sad songs enjoyed so much here in Ireland, though most of them originated in U.S.A.

The songs have become part and parcel of the Irish music scene — and it is advisable to have a handkerchief ready as the needle drops.

© 1970, Emerald Records Limited.

Sad Songs Irish Style - Various Artists, Frankie McBride sings "WITH PEN IN HAND" and Big Tom sings his 'monster' hit song "GENTLE MOTHER"

Label: Emerald Gem GES 1029
Sleeve Photography: Stanley Matchett

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Bert Kaempfert and his Orchestra – Dreaming The Blues

Sleeve Notes:

Over several years and many records, musicians have searched for that elusive, different — and commercial — ‘sound’. And one or two of them have even found it. Glenn Miller, as a notable example. He truly struck gold in the big band field with those distinctive and so individual arrangements. But that Miller Magic was born many years ago and few, if any, bandleaders have been able to emulate him since.

Few bandleaders, that is, with the exception of the remarkable Bert Kaempfert. For the Hamburg-born musician did a Miller and hit upon a unique, inspired may in which to blend and voice the instruments under his command. A way which produced an overall sound — the dominant bass line, the regimented swing of the beat, the muted brass, and the general air of quality — that quite literally grabbed the public by the ear. All of which is very evident from the many millions of Bert Kaempfert LPs which have delighted record listeners the world over.

Bert Kaempfert became interested in music at a very early age —when he was discovered trying to make tunes on the old piano in the parlour. His parents encouraged him by sending him for private lessons and later he was enrolled at the Hamburg School of Music from which he graduated with flying colours.

In addition to piano, he learned to play clarinet, saxophone, and accordion. And, before long, his talents as arranger and composer began to emerge. His recording career began effectively in 1960 when the ‘single’ of his own song, “Wonderland By Night”, topped the American charts and became a million-seller. And there were to be many more successes along the way — notably his “Strangers In The Night” composition, which he wrote for a film and which gave Frank Sinatra a long-awaited Number One hit, and “Bye Bye Blues”, his British chart debut record.

The Bert Kaempfert talents are all contained on this LP, with many of his own compositions, like “Happy Trumpeter”, “The Bass Walks” “Explorer”, and “Catalania”, sharing the honours with such well-loved ‘standards’ as “Blue Moon” and “Cherokee”.

The Kaempfert Sound, in fact. And for a musician’s work to be that instantly recognisable must be satisfaction indeed to the man whose brainchild it was in the first place.

Syd Gillingham

Bert Kaempfert and his Orchestra - Dreaming The Blues

Label: Contour 2870 441
Photograph: Michel Leguens
Sleeve Design: Jack Levy

1970 1970s Covers

Peter Covent’s Stereo Special!

Sleeve Notes:

As exciting as today’s youth is also the Party-Sound by Peter Covent, known for his always topical hits. Who is hiding behind this musical pseudonym? Carlos Diernhammer, born in Munich, born in Buenos Aires while passing through. Together with his current producer Egon L. Frauenberger, he printed the school desk in Bavaria’s metropolis. At the age of 13, “Don Carlos”, as his friends call him, composed his first sonata. After the conservatory he jazzed with Freddie Brocksieper and with Max Greger, for whom he still works as an arranger today. Carlos turned down an offer from Woody Herman to America because he was just in love with his current wife. He later went into business for himself, arranging and composing for the best known German big bands. The musical and personal connection with his old school friend finally became “Peter Covent a la Mr. Hits a gogo” to the enthusiasm of all young people.

Label: Philips 88415 DY
Front design: Helmut Shiefer
Front Cover Photo: Frits Van Swoll

1970 1970s Covers

Top of the Pops Vol. 14

Sleeve Notes:

Every single Pop fan in the country has been screaming for our next issue of ‘Top of the Pops’ (or so it seems to our hard pressed staff). Well, here it is – brighter, breezier, beatier than any of our previous issues and packed with twelve of the current hit tunes. You’ll listen to this album once, and you’ll play it over and over again. Never mind the neighbours – they’ll probably love it too’. If you have a neighbour who’s a Square, never mind again, he’s bound to be converted after you’ve played it a few hundred times.

So Hip, Hip, you hippies; and Yippee, you yippies; go grab yourself this handful of rhythm and beat its brains out on your player until our next issue comes out – and when it does, yell for it loud and clear, for they’ll be moving off the shelf – but fast.

Top of the Pops Vol. 14

Label: Hallmark SHM 710

1970 1970s Covers Top of the Pops Collection

Pick of the Pops Vol. 4

Sleeve Notes:

Here is a selection of 12 top titles from the Top 20. Ballads and Pop to please everyone’s tastes in popular music. We have tried to get as near to the original sound as possible and our only aim is to give you top value for money with 12 top titles that we know you will enjoy.

Pick of the Pops Vol. 4

Label: Deacon DEA 1015

1970 1970s Covers

Percy Faith and His Orchestra – Younger Than Springtime

Sleeve Notes:

Percy Faith is one of the best musical arrangers working today. And for good reason. Percy has the unique capability to prove and feel the heart of a musical composition. And he has the talent to ex-press the musical intent of the composer. A master at his trade, Percy arranges small group or full orchestra with the unbridled enthusiasm of the very best.

He impeccably transcribes classics to gain total respect from the more con-servative older long hairs. Percy makes Broadway scores memorable and bright as he combines stir-ring melodies with just the right beat.
This record of orchestral arrangements is a prime example of Percy Faith’s ability to search out and score the real worth of quality music.
Listen to Percy’s arrangement of Begin the Beguine. Perhaps for the very first time you begin to appreciate its hidden well of intricacies and nuances . . . without missing any of the obviously beautiful and thrilling melodic highlights of this Cole Porter classic.
Tune yourself into Percy’s unforgettable reading of Summertime, from George Gershwin’s folk-opera :’Porgy and Bess.”
Peter De Rose’s Deep Purple—originally crafted as a piano solo—has never been performed as eloquently as Percy’s tasteful scoring.
Laura—the spell-binding beauty, brought to musical life by David Raksin—becomes more memorable and totally unforgettable when portrayed by the impressionable Mr. Faith.
The light-hearted Richard Rodgers—of Rodgers and Hart—and the more mature Richard Rodgers—of Rodgers and Hammerstein, is represented by admiration-laden Faith-filled arrangements of three standards: Where Or When (from “Babes In Arms”) and Some Enchanted Evening and Younger Than Springtime (from “South Pacific”).
Frederick Loewe’s magnificent score for “Camelot” is doubly blessed with singularly fine keep-sake Percy Faith arrangements of I Loved You Once In Silence and If Ever I Would Leave You.
Prepare yourself for a unique and fully-listenable experience. You will discover again why Percy Faith is one of the best and most requested arrangers on the music scene today.
—Ron Gold
Percy Faith and His Orchestra - Younger Than Springtime

Label: Hallmark CHM 686

1970 1970s Covers

George Durado – Introducing Los Durados

Sleeve Notes:

introducing… Los Dourados

From the Tango ‘Twenties to present day Bossa Latin-American dance music in its each and every form has enjoyed a world-wide acceptance and success, but seldom, if ever, in its long international career has it found so cosmopolitan a collection of devotees as comprise Los Dourados.

The drummer is a Welshman, the bongo player an Arabian, the conga man—British born of African parents, the guitarist a Trinidadian and the bass player an Indonesia! Which leaves only the pianist—and brilliant cornerstone of the entire combination—George Dourado. And George adds a further cosmopolitan touch. He was born in Ipoh, a small town in Malaysia, the son of musical parents and something of a child prodigy of the pianoforte in his native homeland.

In the early ‘Fifties he followed a doctor brother to England to read law, but the lure of the keyboard proved stronger than the appeal of the Law Courts and soon Dourado was to achieve his first residency in London, at the Savoy Hotel, where his one-time idol Roberto Inglez had made his name. Since then the West End nightclub and restaurant scene has been Dourado domain, and the long years of experience and devotion to the sort of music he loves find their ultimate expression in this, his first recorded album—the first, not of the few, but, we feel certain, of the many!

George Durado - Introducing Los Durados

Label: Regal/Starline SRS 5018

1970 1970s Covers

The Swinging Safari – salute to Kaempfert

Sleeve Notes (from German):

A folklore expert once wrote: “It is one of the paradoxes of spontaneous creativity that folkloric music, by definition an anonymous art, which arises from simple people without special study, nevertheless achieves the most perfect musical expression. ago all experts were amazed when an unknown South African Kwela tune played on a cheap whistle came to the top of all the hit parades in the world just two weeks after the release.

This song, Tom Hark, by Elias and his Zig Zag Jive Flutes, is now stored in the annals of hit parades. However, it will always be remembered as one of the most amazing hits of all time. It is surprising that such a ridiculously simple piece of music appeals to the world markets so much, but it is perhaps even more interesting that this melody is only was one of the many African Kwela pointers that were easily made by the masses and sat by simple people who went to all he probably never heard of Beethoven or the Beatles. The formal for this ‘style’ of music is as fundamental as the sound zeit — a simple combination of repeated melodies and pronounced rhythm. Not long after the success of Tom Hark, a German musician, Bert Kaempfert, became intrigued by this form of music and began to apply it to a large orchestra – with delightful results. His first arrangements were very close to the African Kwela sound and would become two of his greatest hits – Swingin ‘Safari and Afrikaan Beat. Both songs characterized his style and paved the way for millions of other bestsellers.

The great thing about this style is that, treated in this way, almost every melody can be taken out of its original form and can be enhanced. “Salute to Kaempfert”, which includes both “Swinging ‘Safari” and “African Beat”, is a faithful representation of Bert Kaempfert’s brilliant art. Never more correct was the saying: “Imitation is the most sincere form of wonder” because on the magnificent plaque are twelve songs that have been recorded without shame to recreate the exciting sound.

The Swinging Safari - salute to Kaempfert

Label: MFP 5098
Photo: Rex Features
Design: Clare Osborn

1970 1970s Covers

Stenia Kozłowska – Daj Mi Świat…

Daj Mi Świat – Give Me The Universe, O Tobie I O Mnie – About You And Me, Nie Tęsknie Za Nikim – I Long Not, Ciągle Dalej – Further And Further, Kiedy Świat Był Nasz – When The World Was Ours, Szukając Słów – Trying To Find Appropriate Words, Tak Woła Się Miłość – Love Call, Tylko Ty Opowiesz Mi Noc – Only You Will Tell MeThe Night, Ballada O Świerszczach – Ballad About Crickets, Nawet Księżyc Ma Swój Księżyc – Even Moon Has A Satelite, Słomiany Ogień – Grass-Fire, Piosenka Z Kopciuszkiem – A Song With Orphan, Czemu Nie Zdążyłeś – Why Are You Late

Stenia - Daj Mi Świat - Give Me The Universe, O Tobie I O Mnie - About You And Me, Nie Tęsknie Za Nikim - I Long Not, Ciągle Dalej - Further And Further, Kiedy Świat Był Nasz - When The World Was Ours, Szukając Słów - Trying To Find Appropriate Words, Tak Woła Się Miłość - Love Call, Tylko Ty Opowiesz Mi Noc - Only You Will Tell MeThe Night, Ballada O Świerszczach - Ballad About Crickets, Nawet Księżyc Ma Swój Księżyc - Even Moon Has A Satelite, Słomiany Ogień - Grass-Fire, Piosenka Z Kopciuszkiem - A Song With Orphan,  Czemu Nie Zdążyłeś - Why Are You Late

Label: Pronit SXL 0638

1970 1970s Covers