101 Strings – Play Songs of England

Sleeve notes:

The British, being a maritime nation, have visited the four corners of the earth. This perhaps, is the reason that the songs of England, Ireland, Scotland and Wales are known and loved, in one form or another, the whole world over.

There any songs of every kind and to suit every mood and occasion. Songs that are sad or gay or humorous. Wedding songs and lullabys, hunting songs and roundalays, reels, dances, hornpipes and jigs. Sea shanties that conjure pictures of tarry pigtailed sailors complete with cutlasses and jars of rum! And who is there that does not thrill to the thought of a royal occasion upon hearing the stirring tune “The British Grenadiers”?

The 101 Strings have compiled a programme of some of the best and some of the best loved of the SONGS OF ENGLAND, and, for your further enjoyment, have recorded them in PERFECT STEREO, using the most advanced equipment and techniques known today.

An old English proverb tells us that “The proof of the pudding is in the eating”. We say, “The proof of this album is in the playing”. Just listen.

101 Strings - Play Songs of England - another sexy record cover from Cover Heaven

Label: Marble Arch MALS 1358

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