With My Hands Lifted Up – Scripture Songs – Various Artists

Sleeve Notes:

The last few years has seen a tremendous change in the form of worship in most churches, especially in the realm of praise. Our music has developed so that we can sing about Jesus and what God has done for us in the kind of music we enjoy most.

However, two things stand out very clearly. The ever increasing demand for local productions and the even greater demand for more scriptures in song. We gratefully acknowledge the ministry of Scripture in Song, New Zealand, who with their wonderful records have been largely responsible for this, and our record has been produced, not only to meet this demand, but also with the prayer that it will be as blessed and anointed of God as theirs have been. We too, know the joy of learning God’s word in the easiest and most enjoyable way imaginable–in song.

Personally I have found the scriptures in song a marvellous weapon in my day to day spiritual warfare. How can Satan get us down with the wonderful promises of God running through our minds and into our spirits?

“Faith comes by hearing, and hearing by the word of God.” I believe you will hear the word of God speaking to you personally as you listen to this record.

Our thanks must go out to all the wonderfully dedicated young people who have made this record possible. For weeks they have travelled many miles from all over Sydney to come and give freely of their talents and their precious time.

They have prayed together, laughed together, and even cried as they struggled to give of their best and sometimes felt inadequate. They sought no reward except in the hope that they might be used to draw men near to God. We feel sure the Lord will mightily bless them even as we are blessed, by the word of God in this beautiful music.

Lorna O’Neill

With My Hands Lifted Up - Scripture Songs - Various Artists - a religious record cover that features a lovely looking woman - damn that's at least four Lord's Prayers!

Label: Dovetail DOVE 13

1974 1970s Covers

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