Vacaciones en Mallorca – Various Artists

Holidays in Majorca”. The feel of sand between your toes, the warm ocean breeze cooling your sun-drenched skin, cold beer in one hand and a tortilla in the other. The gentle but shrill sound of “where’s the pub?” echoing around the beach as a white beer belly suddenly blocks out the sun’s rays and brings you back into the present over the muted strains of “Y Viva Espana” wafting over the parasols. In 1974 you could get all this for £29 including flights. Britons had never had it so good. This particular record is a good example of the explosion in souvenir recordings released during the seventies and eighties to cash in on the holidaymakers’ desire to recapture the joys of their summer holidays. Other examples include: Festa Italiana, Vacaciones En Hispanoamerica and Hawaiian Holiday.

Vacaciones en Mallorca - Various Artists - Holidays in Majorca

Label: Fonal MM-S-51

1974 1970s Covers


I remember my uncle and aunt buying records like this when they went to Spain for holidays. I never really understood why they had Spanish records in their collection but now I do!

John C, Auckland N.Z.

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