Top of the Pops Vol. 43

Sleeve Notes:

We’ve popped up again – and we’ll soon reach our half-century – for this fabulous pop album is No. 43 in the longest running series of its kind in the history of recorded music. 

How has this been achieved? We’ll tell you. HALLMARK RECORDS, a part of world famous PICKWIK INTERNATIONAL, was established to give record folk everywhere the greatest value ever. Mediocrity we don’t want. Our “Top of the Pops” sleeve design has to be the best of its type; our pressing standard second to none; our tracks the best in the current charts; our Session Musicians the finest available (and they’re really good!); our hi-fi sound unsurpassed. Only then will we issue another Top of the Pops. That’s why we’ve reached this forty-third issue; that’s why we’ll reach our half-century. 

Sure, we get some complaints. We can’t please everybody (although we try); and by listening to criticism we’re trying to improve all the time. But we’re very proud of our letters of praise from all over the world – sackfuls of them! Pop people, we’re on your side, all the way.

Take a “look-see”, a “Butcher’s”, a “gander”, a “dekko”, or even a dignified glance at the 12 super, high-in-the-charts tracks we’ve picked for you, and we know you’ll get these albums moving from the shops – but fast! This album you’ll love. The dealer will love you. And we’ll love you most of all!

Top of the Pops Vol. 43 - another sexy record cover from Cover Heaven

Label: Hallmark SHM 895

1975 1970s Covers Top of the Pops Collection

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