Top of the Pops Vol. 15

In 1971 record buyers of this particular series were still being described as “ravers”. What’s more the demographic of the Top of the Pops series apparently also included “Hippies and yippies and, …switched-on Mums and Dads“. The BBC must by this time have regretted not having trademarked the “Top of the Pops” name as this successful series of albums had little or nothing to do with the famous TV show of the same name.

Sleeve Notes:

Thank you, Ravers; you sent our last issue of ‘Top of the Pops” (SHM 710) soaring high in the national L.P. charts.

Well, you’ve written to us, telephoned us, screamed at us and cajoled us to move, move, move – but fast – with the release of our next issue, and here it is, hot off the press; sizzling with red hot, top-pop numbers straight out of the current charts.

All the tunes, made famous by Super Stars of the Pop World, have been faithfully recorded by us in London specially for you. Once again we are sure you, all of you – Hippies and Yippies and Skinheads; Schoolkids and switched-on Mums and Dads will help to make this fabulous album a high-stepper in the L.P. charts; for this L.P. will electrify you, send you way, way up in space’.

Let’s try to make this No. 1 this time, O.K? Thanks a lot!

Top of the Pops Vol. 15

Label: Hallmark SHM725

1971 1970s Covers Top of the Pops Collection

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