The Mauna Malahini Islanders – Hawaiian Paradise

Sleeve Notes:

The music inspired by the Pacific Islands, is surely one of the most nostalgic of sounds. A few bars and we can see in our minds eye, golden sands, palm trees, blue seas and bluer skies and to complete the scene, a gently smouldering volcano.
This musical chemistry is strange, in that many of us never have and probably never will visit these enchanted isles, but we know just what ought to be there. Perhaps it’s for the best as since Hawaii became part of the United States it has become one of the most popular vacation locales. And which armchair beachcomber wants his islands full of hotels, cars, neon signs and tourists? Certainly not this one!
So just close your eyes and let The Mauna Malahini Islanders use their brilliant musicianship to transport you back to those marvellously magical islands. Aloha!

The Mauna Malahini Islanders - Hawaiian Paradise - a lovely Hawaiian record cover from Cover Heaven, the home of beautiful record covers

Label: Chevron CHVL 125

1979 1970s Covers

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