Kensington Pop Orchestra – Hitsville Vol. 2

Sleeve Notes:

We are proud to present HITSVILLE VOL. 2, a worthy successor to the first volume in this series (available on WMD 114). This collection of today’s great hits contains the theme from the film “Love Story” – a Francis Lai composition which quickly became the most-recorded tune in two decades-together with a melodic treatment of The New Seekers’ big hit “I’d like to teach the world to sing”.

Also included are the effervescent “Pushbike Song” and “It’s Impossible” the theme that proved Perry Como could still hold the Number One spot in the Pop Charts. Once again, full praise is due to the Kensington Pop Orchestra, a fine collection of musical stalwarts who stamp a seal of authority and professional perfection to every musical arrangement they handle. They have no hard and fast style or “sound” as, in their philosophy, each composition has to stand on its own merit. Here then are twelve big hits of today performed in a smooth and listenable style that proved so successful with Volume One and will have you yearning for Volume Three.
Kensington Pop Orchestra - Hitsville Vol. 2 - another delicious record cover from Cover Heaven

Label: Windmill Records WMD 141

1972 1970s Covers

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