Klaus Wunderlich – Hits Again 4

Klaus Wunderlich was a German “easy listening organist”, as described by Wikipedia. His organ of choice of course being the Hammond Organ. Quite why this organ spawned so many great covers is a mystery – you can see a few of them here – but it did and as a result we have a legacy of beauty for our enjoyment. Klaus has his own website, though he is sadly deceased, and you can view it there in all its 2007 glory. If you’d like to sample some of this album’s sounds head over to this Klaus Wunderlich YouTube recording – I wonder if like me you’ll be transported to a wet and cold English seaside pier, the entertainment for the bored pensioners being served up by the shrill sounds of a Hammond or similar organ!

Klaus Wunderlich - Hits Again 4 - another stunner from Cover Heaven

Label: Telefunken SLE 14 723-P

1973 1970s Covers

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