Top of the Pops Vol. 15

In 1971 record buyers of this particular series were still being described as “ravers”. What’s more the demographic of the Top of the Pops series apparently also included “Hippies and yippies and, …switched-on Mums and Dads“. The BBC must by this time have regretted not having trademarked the “Top of the Pops” name as this successful series of albums had little or nothing to do with the famous TV show of the same name.

Sleeve Notes:

Thank you, Ravers; you sent our last issue of ‘Top of the Pops” (SHM 710) soaring high in the national L.P. charts.

Well, you’ve written to us, telephoned us, screamed at us and cajoled us to move, move, move – but fast – with the release of our next issue, and here it is, hot off the press; sizzling with red hot, top-pop numbers straight out of the current charts.

All the tunes, made famous by Super Stars of the Pop World, have been faithfully recorded by us in London specially for you. Once again we are sure you, all of you – Hippies and Yippies and Skinheads; Schoolkids and switched-on Mums and Dads will help to make this fabulous album a high-stepper in the L.P. charts; for this L.P. will electrify you, send you way, way up in space’.

Let’s try to make this No. 1 this time, O.K? Thanks a lot!

Top of the Pops Vol. 15

Label: Hallmark SHM725

1971 1970s Covers Top of the Pops Collection

Arthur Fiedler/Boston Pops – Embraceable You

Do you know the song of wood thrushes as dusk begins and the coolness of an early autumn air holds their warbling between high trees? That is the question posed by this record. So, do you? These words and much more (see the back cover of “Arthur Fiedler/Boston Pops – Embraceable You” below) were written by Clare W Van Ausdall. Not much is known about her except that she was commissioned to write for many record releases, back cover notes, booklets and across a range of genres. That’s the kind of job I’d like. Just a shame there are no vacancies any more.

Sleeve Notes:

Do you know the song of wood thrushes as dusk begins and the coolness of an early autumn air holds their warbling between high trees? Or do you know the little murmur of a thousand night moths near the river’s edge, their wings luminous like milky dust in the violet light of evening? Can you summon up the echo of rain or the trees’ sighing, the transformation of a seashell held against your ear or the rustle of a brocaded skirt on a pebbled walk? Remember these things, for they can be the sounds of Love.

Have you seen the yellow sunlight lying suddenly on a pink cheek, the arch of elms in some springtime meadow, a pair of playful smiles coming together like the winking image of goldfish seen through the surface of pond water? Or the gleam of ripe grapes picked together in clusters, or the blue-outlined, ivory-centered flame of a candle, or the elaborate fancy of a garden spider’s web, serene, immaculate on an early morning? Remember these things, for they can have the look of Love. Perhaps you recall the scent of emperor poppies at midnight, or the tang of wet hickory logs in a country fireplace, the clear bitey smell of pine needles rimed with frost, the natural perfume of the skin fresh from salt water and the froth of the sea. Remember them; they can be the fragrance of Love.

If you know the sounds of Love, the looks of Love, the fragrances of Love – the splendors of Love, we might call them – then you know the music of Love, the music of shadows and dews, starlight and sunshine, of cool woodland flutes, of violins in various colors of repose.

When two people love each other, the things they see together, hear together, become aware of together are precious for all time. Those are the things the music of Love immortalizes. Nightingales sing about them, poets write of them. The songs you will encounter in this album, for instance, are longs of Love for Love’s sake, full of Love’s beauty. There is the sound of nightingales and poetry to them. And the sound of splendor.


Arthur Fiedler / Boston Pops ‎– Embraceable You

Label: Camden CDS 1096

1971 1970s Covers