Victor Silvester Orchestra – It’s D’Lovely

Sleeve Notes:

With his usual flair for choosing just the right tunes Victor Silvester has come up with an album that combines the best of such legendary American songwriting names as Cole Porter, Kern, Johnny Mercer and Hammerstein with. contributions from todays names, Henry Mancini and Francis Lai.

And the result is, as usual with Mr Silvester’s albums, a delightful collection that should fall upon the welcome ears of dance enthusiasts and arm chair listeners alike. Kicking off with a classic from the pen of Porter the Victor Silvester Orchestra plays its way through a programme of ,unforgettable melodies.
Matching those melodies are dance steps that not only seem right for the songs themselves but also give them a special lift. A sure sign, as if one were needed, that Mr Silvester’s albums are always aimed predominantly at the dance market.
Since their signing with Pye Records Victor Silvester and his son have turned out some memorable albums and certainly “It’s D’ Lovely” is one of their best ever.
Victor Silvester Orchestra - It's D'Lovely

Label: Pye NSPL 18515
Album Design: Paul Chave/Tactics

1976 1970s Covers

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