12 Chart Buster Hits Vol. 16 – Various Artists

Sleeve Notes:

The Chartbusters never rest, for just as one successful album has been completed and dispatched to an eager audience they’ve embarked on a fresh album project.

And it’s a measure of their energy and talent that they manage to come up with a brilliant package of sounds month after month. This latest hot-off-the-presses LP wasn’t made for yesterday, it was made for today and if you check the current chart list you’ll discover that accuracy joins forces with talent in bringing you the most up-to-date collection of today’s sounds. The songs, the musicians and singers all combine to bring about one of the most entertaining albums you’re likely to come across. The timing has been carefully calculated to make the most of the current chart positions so it really doesn’t matter whether you’re planning a party or just intend sitting down to a review of the current pop scene. The answers, as they say, are in the grooves and we confidently predict that you’ll search hard to find the equal in today’s competitive Chartbusting market.

12 Chart Buster Hits Vol. 16 - Various Artists

Pye: PCS 15015

1975 1970s Covers

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