Top of the Pops Vol. 32

Sleeve Notes:

As we were saying on the Sleeve of our last TOP OF THE POPS album (SHM 825 – Volume 31), this series is “the recording phenomenon of today”; and you all helped us to keep up the fantastic pace. That last issue was one of our best sellers in a best selling series – and in the middle of summer, too!

Now, look at the 12 great tracks we’ve chosen for you on this album. We think they’re great – but we also hope you will think them great. We’ve tried so very hard to give you high-up-in-the-charts songs and, as always, the finest value for money in the history of L.P. albums.

So, here we go again, let’s have a ball once more with this, the rocking-est cover version ever to hit the Pop World. We hope it grabs you.

Top of the Pops Vol. 32

Label: Hallmark SHM 830

1973 1970s Covers Top of the Pops Collection

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