The Tahitis – Hawaii

Sleeve Notes:

Magical oases in the endless ocean wastes. So we know the South Sea Islands from films. books and enticing travel brochures. Even the names of these islands have a magical, poetic sound: Hawaii, Tahiti, Samoa. Their numbers go into thousands, these islands on the equator. They are divided by experts into three groups: Polynesia, Melanesia and Micronesia. It is a legendary realm holding a powerful fascination.

The music of the islands draws us, in our imagination, to them. It is music which transcends the fluctuations of fashion and preserves its unique flavour and great popularity. The insidious melody of the South Seas envelops us in a mood of sun.drenched romanticism_ It is a mood difficult to define because elements of yearning, melancholy, gaiety and fulfilment are inextricably interwoven in this music.

This LP. seeks to communicate this mood through careful preparation and selection of the. most appropriate material. It is a record that will remain in ‘avow because the style and character of the music is authentic and unchanging. Whether it be the Moana Ouartet with Rudy Wairata or The Tahitis which bring the music to you, a special effort has been made to achieve the richest possible musical palette.

The Tahitis - Hawaii

Label: Oriole RM 137

1963 1960s Covers

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