The G.U.S. Footwear Band - Best of Brass

The G.U.S. Footwear Band – Best of Brass

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Sleeve Notes:

Unlike most ‘Best of LPs which usually represent a collection of Hit singles transferred to LP, ‘The Best of Brass’ consists of 12 tracks selected for
Best Performance, Best Value, Best selection by one of the world’s Best Brass Bands and Best Conductors, HARRY MORTIMER, O.B.E.

What other title would fit this truly magnificent LP? The G.U.S. (Footwear) Band, whose long recording career with E.M.I Records spans 16 Long-Playing albums, are traditionally employees of G.U.S. and during the day are engaged in an amazing variety of tasks covering all sections of the immense G.U.S. Footwear empire. No other country in the world has the tradition and love of Brass Bands as England and this album will satisfy the growing demand for really well recorded Brass Band music.


The G.U.S. Footwear Band - Best of Brass

Label: Starline SRS 5033

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