Paul Weston – Floatin’ Like A Feather

Sleeve Notes:

in a wide curtain of stereo sound:
rich listening music featuring the Weston orchestra and soloists, underscored by smoothly flowing rhythm.

About this album, Paul Weston comments
“With all the talk one hears these clays about ‘the beat; it is only natural that rhythm should find its way into the field of Mood Music. But it is important, too, that it doesn’t create a disturbing element for the listener, and that the melody still be there for him to recognize and enjoy:’

With these intentions in mind, he has conceived Floatin’ Like a Feather: twelve beautiful selections in which the orchestra plays with a light, swinging style, “floating” along on top of the rhythm section. Since making his first mood album nearly fifteen years ago, Paul Weston has recorded more than 250 selections in his famous melodic style. These recordings have featured a broad variety of sounds and techniques, for Weston experiments continuously with fresh orchestral ideas. In every recording, however, he has followed this basic concept: “The melody is the thing!” And he has built his art around that plan, seeing to it that over-harmonization and over-arranging never interfere with the listener’s appreciation of the composer’s melodic line. And, indeed, in this album every selection is rich in melody. But Weston has achieved something refreshingly different, too. While his full orchestra goes “floatin’ like a feather” with these melodic mood stylings, a fine rhythm section and top soloists add zest to the pace, and a sailing lift to every number.
Paul Weston - Floatin' Like A Feather

Listen to Paul Weston’s “wide curtain of sound

Label: Capitol ST1153
Cover Photo: George Jerman

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