Norrie Paramor and the Midland Radio Orchestra – By Request

Sleeve Notes:

Five years since it started, and still going strong, Top Tunes has always been a unique radio programme, in that its music is dictated by you, the listeners, through an ever-increasing nationwide postal vote. This album has been compiled in the same way the thirteen titles were “By Request ” of our listeners and represent the most popular Radio Two tunes of the moment.
These tunes have been given a coat of lasting varnish by our very special team of arrangers without whom Top Tunes would never be possible, and are performed in the impeccable stereo style of the BBC Midland Radio Orchestra under their conductor Norrie Paramor.
Norrie’s talent as arranger can be appreciated in “Singing In The Rain”, and his piano playing is featured in “Matchstalk Men ” “Do It, Do It Again” and “Walk In Love”.
Two other members of the MRO who have a special place on this record are Jan MacDonald with her flute (The Lonely Shepherd) and pianist Harold Rich (All Creatures Great and Small) who with their thirty colleagues have carved another notch in the short five-year history of this fine BBC staff orchestra in Birmingham.


Label: BBC Records REB 326

1978 1970s Covers

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