Nancy Wilson – Today, Tomorrow, Forever

Sleeve Notes:

Through a succession of wonderful albums, Nancy Wilson has established herself as one of the finest singers of our day. So it has become natural that when good new songs come along, or old favorites become newly popular, people want to hear Nancy sing them in her own fresh, lilting, wonderful Wilson way.

This album contains some of the best and most beautiful of those songs: I Left My Heart in San Francisco, What Kind of Fool Am I?, and many more. Their tempos range from easy to bright to Latin, and Nancy sings them all without artifice, with deft and disarming simplicity, and makes them immediately her own – so much so that the listener gains a feeling of hearing them for the very first time.

And listen to Nancy’s Go Away Little Boy. She makes each word so meaningful that it’s almost as if she were speaking the lyric, To I Can’t Stop Loving You she brings a smoldering passion. And in every song, passionate or sweet, regardless of tempo, there is always the lilting freshness that is Nancy’s special and very wonderful trademark.

The backgrounds are tasteful scores that never get in the way of the singer, and they are played by a smaller group than Nancy has recently performed with on record. They are conducted by the gifted Kenny Dennis, whose wife, should you not already know, is Nancy Wilson. These are backgrounds that could be listened to separately for their own delightful qualities, were it possible to devote one’s full attention to any other sound with the sensational Miss Nancy Wilson front and center.


Label: Capitol T2802

1964 1960s Covers

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