Joe Henderson – Secret Love

Sleeve Notes:

Music from the unforgettable 50’s. That’s 20 years ago, and yet musically it can seem like yesterday, for memories are evoked so easily with a melody.An album that contains 12 such nostalgic themes as these is a treasure-chest of romance and happiness. The sparkle that enhances each tune is the magic touch of Joe Henderson.

He was born in Scotland and although his early musical studies never actually embraced the bag-pipes Joe was soon to realize that the crotchets and quavers he longed for were the professional ones in the Mecca of Music London. Since his early days there, he has been immersed in the creation and dispensing of romantic melody and this album is the very latest to benefit from his wealth of talent, charm and superb musical taste.

An impressive array of arrangers have given their all to support this master of the keyboard and these inspirations have produced a sound that is nostalgically faultless.

If you are of an age to remember these tunes from the 50’s and if they really mean something to you then drift into the mists of time and let your senses become saturated. If music be the food of love then, Joe Henderson, play on. As he might say himself “Come a little closer It’ll do you good”.


Joe Henderson - Secret Love

Label: Columbia TWO 369

1972 1970s Covers

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