Jackie Gleason – The Torch with the Blue Flame

Sleeve Notes:

This album sets a new standard in sensitive, subdued listening, by a master of the most unusual in musical enjoyment, Jackie Gleason. The magical Gleason touch that translated images into sound in “Oooo!” and “Velvet Brass” is vibrantly present again in an orches-tral setting that features eight marimbas and the luminous trombone of Lawrence Brown. Two of the selections. Time and Alone In The Crowd, are Gleason originals.

Underscored by strings, guitar and harp, vibraphone, piano and orchestra bells, the marimbas and trombone blend in rich versions of low-keyed mood songs…soft, dream-provoking Gleason sounds that sing with a flickering, haunting light …The Torch With The Blue Flame.

Jackie Gleason - The Torch with the Blue Flame

Label: Capitol LCT 6161
Cover Photo by Peter Fink

1958 1950s Covers

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