Jackie Gleason presents Music, Martinis and Memories

Sleeve Notes:

Music, Martinis and Memories

…each creates a wonderfully soft, romantic haze. Put them all together and you have a veryspecial effect—a mood whose warmth and tenderness are irresistibly appealing.

The memories and martinis should be yours, of course; the music may be provided by someone else—and nobody can do that more expertly than Jackie Gleason. His famous album presentations—lovely ballads richly orchestrated and featuring the lyric trumpet of Bobby Hackett—are remarkably conducive to that intriguing sentimental spell.

It’s really quite possible, in fact, to omit the memories and martinis; but with or without them, you’ll find this collection of Jackie Gleason interpretations to be romantic music at its very best, an ideal setting for your most delightful listening moments.

Jackie Gleason presents Music, Martinis and Memories

Label: Capitol SM 509 (reissue)

1954 1950s Covers

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