Extra Stereo - Various Artists

Extra Stereo – Various Artists

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Sleeve Notes (translated):

No secret: humans have two ears. It registers the sound according to direction and distance – it hears in stereo, that is, spatially. The stereophony (for example on this long-playing record) adjusts to it. It does not preserve the sound as point information – it captures two different acoustic pieces of information and transmits them via two sound channels. The playback result is perceived as spatial by the listener. Stereo is not a “ping-pong effect”; not only right-left impulses are conveyed. Stereophony makes sounds transparent, it represents their constant movement – not only lateral deflections, but also foreground and background. The sound image appears through – Clear, clear-cut, structured. Individual groups of instruments retain their isolation in the overall tonal picture. Stereophony counteracts the human auditory functions. It adjusts to the simple and inevitable fact that human beings have two ears.

Features: Garry Blake and His Music, Manuel and the Music of the Mountains, Hank Marvin, Ron Goodwin and His Orchestra

Extra Stereo - Various Artists

Label: HÖR ZU SHZEL 90

1971 1970s Covers

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