Dimensions in Sound Orchestra – Romance in Hawaii

Sleeve Notes:

“Romance in Hawaii” is a more than appropriate title for an album that concentrates on conjuring up just the right mood for relaxation and romance. To do so it uses the soft and delicate songs of the islands that possess a very special charm and magic. Hawaiian music lovers know this only too well and as their ranks increase with every new Hawaiian LP it’s only fair to assume that what was once a minority music has become something special for thousands of people. Certainly the catalogue of Hawaiian songs is on the increase and those who know the music well will find, in addition to some old and loved favourites, new compositions that rightly find their way onto this LP. To perform the eighteen songs we’ve selected the Dimensions in Sound Orchestra, a group of musicians who play every note with perfection and who give each song a really professional gloss.

This Golden Hour album then is something that everyone can enjoy simply because whether or not you’ve visited the islands of Hawaii the music is capable of bringing out the romantic in all of us.

Dimensions in Sound Orchestra - Romance in Hawaii

Label: Golden Hour GH 814

1972 1970s Covers

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