Vikki Carr - The Way of Today!

Vikki Carr – The Way of Today!

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Sleeve Notes:

She has the vibrancy of a young girl, but the maturity of a woman. Her voice is crystal clear. In a personal appearance, her every gesture expresses feeling. Her smile is contagious and her eyes radiate warmth. The lady’s presence demands attention. The lady is Vikki Carr! Her previous albums for Liberty Records have always produced an excitement. This album is certainly no exception. Vikki has taken some of the best of today’s popular tunes and given them her personal interpretation. With the tremendously successful “Nowhere Man” and “My World Is Empty Without You” she has changed the tempo and opened a whole new world of feeling. Her interpretation of “Can I Trust You?,” which was a winner of the San Remo International Music Festival, must be heard to be believed. Vikki Carr must be heard to be believed. She is The Way of Today! – Richard Oliver

Vikki Carr - The Way of Today!

Label: Liberty LBL 83028
Cover Photography: John Engstead
Art Direction: Woody Woodward

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