Tino Esteves and The Americanos - Latino!

Tino Esteves and The Americanos – Latino!

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Sleeve Notes

Music designed solely for dancing seldom makes absorbing listening. Usually it isn’t meant to: it’s just a pleasant sounding noise in a certain tempo to which couples can perform a certain arrangement of steps. But Latin American music is different.

People dance to it, of course, and in growing numbers, but perhaps one of the nicest things about it is that it gives so much more scope to artists, musicians and arrangers who want to provide the dancing public with something a little more interesting to listen to while they’re in the ballroom.

And interesting it certainly is, to put it mildly! Apart from the exotic rhythms associated with Latin American music we also have a chance to listen to some of the fascinating percussion instruments used to give the music its proper flavour.

The enclosed record gives you Latin American music at its very best – music which is very, very danceable and at the same time music to which it is a delight and pleasure to listen. If you’re a Latin American fan, then this is for you. If you want to become a Latin American fan, then start the right way and just listen to – LATINO!

Tino Esteves and The Americanos - Latino!

Label: Society ‎SOC 970

1965 1960s Covers

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