The Kilima Hawaiians – Moonlight Over Hawaii

Sleeve Notes:

In writing about THE KILIMA HAWAIIANS, one imagines the beautiful sounds of these wonderful Islands coming to you in their very special style, which has made this group to be loved in all parts of the world. With “FAREWELL HAWAII”, their first CBS Album, THE KILIMA HAWAIIANS rapidly have reached an almost world-wide audience. They provide a unique sound and their Hawaiian styled music has never been equalled. From the U.S.A. to Japan, from Mexico to Australia, from Israel to Great Britain, almost from everywhere, the special KILIMA HAWAIIANS’ sound will come to you.

So, get set for “MOONLIGHT OVER HAWAII” and you will be carried away by the “swinging” music from the Islands! Aloha!

The Kilima Hawaiians - Moonlight Over Hawaii

Label: CBS SS62903
Liner Notes: Gerald Hulsebosch

1968 1960s Covers

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