Oscar Brandt Orchestra – Sounds Like Bert Keampfert

Sleeve Notes:

The Bert Kaempfert Orchestra has been almost solely responsible for proving to the world that music in Germany is not all polkas and marches. When their arrangements first penetrated into the rest of Europe and the world, all enthusiasts of this kind of music had to admire the precision and disciplined punch of an orchestra that heralded a resurgence of big band pop everywhere their music was heard.

The Oscar Brandt Orchestra is strictly a recording amalgamation only. It is made up of top European musicians who are themselves great admirers of Bert Kaempfert and who fully appreciate just what their whole profession has gained through his work. This is their tribute to Bert Kaempfert—band-leader, arranger and composer.

Oscar Brandt Orchestra - Sounds Like Bert Keampfert

Label: Windmill WMD 150

1972 1970s Covers

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