Los Chavales De Espana – Spanish Fire

Sleeve Notes:

This series has been recorded in the U.S.A. by the outstanding engineers of Mercury.
For all recordings in the series special musical arrangements have been written to get the best out of the technical possibilities and the artistic skill of such musicians as XAVIER CUGAT, PETE RUGOLO, DAVID CARROLL and many others.
The magnetic film technique often used by Mercury during recording sessions has astonishing advantages in capturing the top quality in recorded sound – high transparency, a remarkable roundness of tone and a greater distortion-free dynamic range.
Obviously, microphone settings vary for each type of music. Even for each number changes in the positioning of instruments, microphones, and in balance are required in order to achieve the best results and the most realistic sound-quality.
All this has resulted in this series, in a warm, brilliant, but natural sound which brings you the next best thing to an orchestra in your home.

Los Chavales De Espana - Spanish Fire

Label: Mercury SML 30013

1967 1960s Covers

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