Jacques Leroy – The Charm of Strings

Sleeve Notes:

The romantic sounds of the string orchestra. A a setting for romance, the warm tones of the orchestra as it soars to a climax, the smooth “diminuendo, or the “pizzicato”, and the pulsating rhythm behind the Latin American melody; all these and many more are the effects achieved by the lull string orchestra. Jacques Leroy present twelve eminently suitable tunes for his Orchestra. “Babette”, Granada”, and “Gypsy Fiddler”. Or “Love Is Where You Find It Cole Porter’s “So In Love”. The Latin touch with “El Cumbanchero” and the “Tango Bolero”.

Combine all these into one LP. A truly outstanding result. Music to charm the soul. Music for every hour. “The Charm Of Strings”

Jacques Leroy - The Charm of Strings

Label: Senator WSR 828

1964 1960s Covers

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