Chaquito and the Quedo Brass

Sleeve notes:

Latin rhythms – fast, slow, brash, or moody – have long been firmly established favourites on this side of the Atlantic Ocean. I don’t know what this extra “something” is that these rhythms possess, but they’ve always intrigued me, and almost everyone who hears them.

The most popular purveyor of “class” Latin music is CHAQUITO: when the Latin craze first hit England some years ago, it was CHAQUITO who scooped the market in no uncertain manner. It was CHAQUITO’s fresh and fascinating arranging that was copied by many other would-be Latin bandleaders. It was CHAQUITO who caused a large American booking agency to spend much time, trouble, and money searching the whole of South America for the band, to book them into North America.

As with most things, CHAQUITO has moved along the musical tread-mill, keeping a close watch on the latest fads and fancies – and he is still the highly successful, big-selling Latin Man, this time with his unique QUEDO BRASS sound.

Hear it. Not raucous, not blasting, but smoothly different, exceedingly attractive – and highly rhythmic.
You’ve gotta dance!
Or listen …
The price is the same!
Here, on this special album, are twelve brilliant CHAQUITO and the QUEDO BRASS, numbers, including many of the favourite “standard” tunes throughout the years.

You’re going to enjoy this – and all the other CHAQUITO albums!

Jack Baverstock

Chaquito and the Quedo Brass

Label: Fontana BIG 319-L

1961 1960s Covers

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