Showcase – Phase 4 – Various Artists

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Sleeve Notes:

Johnny Keating’s Kombo -The Donkey Serenade, Ted Heath And His Music – Johnny One Note, Los Machucambos – Granada, International “Pop” All Stars – The Poor People Of Paris, Stanley Black Orchestra With Women’s Voices – Caravan, Eric Rogers And His Orchestra – Tiger Rag, Rudi Bohn And His Band – Mack The Knife, Edmundo Ros And His Orchestra – My Old Kentucky Home, Ronnie Aldrich And His Two Pianos – Unforgettable, Werner Müller And His Orchestra – You Are My Lucky Star

Showcase - Phase 4 - Various Artists

Label: Decca PFS 34001

1962 1960s Covers

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Showcase - Phase 4 - Various Artists
Showcase - Phase 4 - Various Artists

Ronnie Aldrich – The Magnificent Pianos of

Sleeve Notes:

No single team in Decca Records’ “phase 4” Stereo Line works harder at making records than does the “Aldrich Group” which, of course, includes the Pianist-Arranger-Conductor, Mr. Aldrich; Producers Hugh Mendl and Mark White; and Engineer Arthur “Butch” Bannister.

The planning, material selection and LP format is the precious concern of the Producers who are ever mindful of the splendid track-record of Mr. Aldrich’s previous “phase 4” LPs (both LPs “MELODY AND PERCUSSION FOR TWO PIANOS” and “RONNIE ALDRICH AND HIS TWO PIANOS” achieved hit status on the best selling charts).

The planning, material selection and LP format is the precious concern of the Producers who are ever mindful of the splendid track-record of Mr. Aldrich’s previous “phase 4” LPs (both LPs “MELODY AND PERCUSSION FOR TWO PIANOS” and “RONNIE ALDRICH AND HIS TWO PIANOS” achieved hit status on the best selling charts).

The writing and performance of the final selected material rests with the talented Mr. Aldrich. But his job is more involved than just writing good arrangements and playing well; in addition, he must write within the margins set up by the hard rules of the “phase 4” stereo two-speaker system. He must alternate between two pianos, which he plays at different times; he must always be aware of multi-track problems; he must always strive to balance the piano sounds between speakers, etc.

And to realize all this technically requires the services of a top-drawer engineer; someone who lives in the world of stereo, who understands its exciting possibilities and respects its limitations — and so Mr. Bannister does, as he takes his place on the “Aldrich Team.

“The “Team” has come up with its very best LP so far: an album wonderfully alive with timeless hit songs, stunningly performed and recorded. Mr. Aldrich’s two concert grand pianos are featured with the magnificent strings of the Festival Orchestra, who supply, in the background, a curtain of splendid textures, rich and warm.

The orchestra is placed across the speakers: the violins are on the left side; the violas and cellos are on the right. Mr. Aldrich’s pianos (of course, left and right), emerging nobly and firmly in front of the strings, are captured thrillingly in a display of wonderful playing.

As the left and right speakers alternately come to life, as the piano comments grandly about some melodies, gently about others as the entire musical experience unfolds to reveal a world of taste and style, feeling and skill, you will become aware of two things: the technical excellence of the sound itself, and the perfect wedding effected between the arrangements and the songs.

For the material is truly wonderful. The list of composers reads like a “who’s who” in music: Berlin, Kern, Noble, Fain, Rodgers, Van Heusen, Young, Maxwell—and we include Mr. Aldrich, himself, who has written, especially for this album, a lovely, haunting melody called “Evening Star.”

For an album already made great by magnificent sound, wonderful arrangements and superb performances, you couldn’t ask for a more outstanding list of songs than:

Ebb Tide
The Very Thought Of You
I’ll Be Seeing You
Love Letters
Long Ago And Far Away
How Deep Is The Ocean
Smoke Gets In Your Eyes
Stella By Starlight
Among My Souvenirs
Darn That Dream
Evening Star
Where Or When

Ronnie Aldrich - The Magnificent Pianos of

Label: Decca PFS 4028

1963 1960s Covers

Werner Müller and His Orchestra – On The Move

Sleeve Notes:

His musical sights set on distant lands and faraway places, Werner Müller, who brought you such great previous “phase 4” stereo LP’s such as PERCUSSION IN THE SKY and HAWAIIAN SWING, has constructed a highly imaginative musical holiday for you in this, his latest and newest “phase 4” album. The orchestral globe-trotting takes us to Mexico, France, England, Brazil, Hawaii, Italy, Portugal, Spain, Japan, India and Turkey – and what a trip it is!

As you would expect, it is a journey filled with the tonal colours and harmonic hues that most appropriately and happily describe the visited place. Mr. Müller employs his orchestra the way a painter uses a brush: a touch here, a blend there; there a bold stroke, here a soft one – until each picture bears the unmistakable mark of the place. While you will easily pinpoint the directions from which the many sounds emanate, you will be sure to note with pleasure how richly wide-spread the strings are handled; they stretch across both speakers a lustrous curtain of sound. Always on the left is a chorus of women whose high-registered singing blends with the violins to give a brilliant edge to the sound. This combination of strings and voices (always prepared for you by a run or glissando on the piano) is delightfully used by Mr. Müller on each title to contrast and/or enhance the instrumentation that precedes it, an instrumentation which is usually geared to a description of the land or city being visited. Rarely has an album striven so pointedly to provide such multi-coloured effects: the splashes are brilliant, the textures scintillate with excitement, the blendings fuse to a level of sheer tonal excellence; rarely, too, has an album been so successfully completed.
Werner Müller and His Orchestra - On The Move

Label: Decca PFS 4029

1963 1960s Covers

Focus on Phase 4 Stereo

14 sound spectaculars – each track a unique experience in sound, specially chosen for the thrill of listening. A consistently reliable series of records that feature covers worthy of gracing our pages. This compilation features tracks from the series. Check out another from our Phase4stereo collection.

Sleeve Notes:

14 sound spectaculars – each track a unique experience in sound, specially chosen for the thrill of listening. A thrill that has placed Phase 4 stereo firmly at the top; a position maintained through constant pioneering of the latest technological innovations. The fourteen numbers on this record demonstrate the success that Decca’s engineers have achieved, and the overall effect of utilising individual detail produces an uncanny sense of Spatial realism unapproached by conventional disc standards. Recorded sound at its best, this sampler disc is just an appetiser for the exciting repertoire in the Phase 4 catalogue. Everything is in Phase 4 stereo – orchestras, vocal groups, big bands, marching bands and Latin bands, music from around the world, from stage and screen. From waltzes to rock “n”roll, not forgetting the Concert Series of familiar classics and the many sound-effect spectaculars. Here now is your chance to experience a small part of the magnificent Phase 4 story.

Tony D’Amato Artists and Repertoire manager, Phase 4 Stereo.

Focus on Phase 4 Stereo

Label: Columbia Records SX 6142

1968 1960s Covers

Stereo A La Carte 6 – Various Artists

Sleeve Notes:

Einen weiteren interessanten Einblick in the – Phase 4 Stereo – Serie vermitteln lhnen al.., the weiteren Emfuhrungsplatten -Stereo a la carte 1-5″, the Ihr Schallplattenhandler ebentalls zu einem Vorzugspreis fur the bereithalt.

Another interesting insight into the Phase 4 stereo series is provided by all of the others (in the series), the “Stereo a la carte 1-5” recordings, which are available at a preferential price from your record dealer.

Stereo A La Carte 6 - Various Artists

Label: Decca S 16906-P

1973 1970s Covers

Various – The World of Phase 4 Stereo

By 1969 the phase4stereo series was well established and somewhere  north of 180 albums had been released in this format. Titles included “The Spectacular Trumpet of Kenny Baker” (stop giggling at the back), “Sputniks for Orchestra”, “Bongos from the South”, and “Strictly Oompah”. But what exactly is phase4stereo? Let Decca Records explain:

I think that pretty much explains it in a nutshell but for those of you hungry for more here’s a description of the phase4stereo process:

“Phase 4 stereo” can only be described as a marvel of sound, a radically new and dramatically potent concept in the art of high fidelity reproduction. It is Decca’s trademark for the most advanced and flexible of all stereo recording techniques; it stand for motion and an uncanny sense of spatial realism unapproached by conventional disc standards; it is your assurance of unmatched quality control, rigorously applied from studio to finished disc, throughout every single step of the manufacturing process. perhaps the most remarkable innovation of “phase 4” is the use of Decca’s custom built 20 channel console mixer. this complex and forbidding-looking machine permits sounds from no less than twenty separate sources to be combined and blended in precise perspective. Each instrument can be pinpointed to exact locations from extreme left to extreme right along a horizontal plane, or forward and back through an astonishingly large depth of field. This, of course, is only part of the “phase 4” story. The making of the master tape, the cutting of the master lacquer disc, production of the final copy for the consumer-all are done with custom equipment, under the constant supervision of both engineers and musicians. the state that the 500,000th record produced is identical in sound performance with the very first copy pressed is no boast; it is part of the unique and proud redo of “phase 4 stereo”.

Of course that’s all very interesting. But it doesn’t address the attention paid to creating such an attractive cover.

Label: Decca SPA 32

1969 1960s Covers