Bert Kaempfert – That Latin Feeling

Sleeve Notes:

What is THAT LATIN FEELING? It’s a magic country of the heart… an exhilarating slate of mind. And your passport to that happy state is the pulsating music of Bert Kaempfert and his orchestra.

THAT LATIN FEELING is an album that captures a wonderfully exciting atmosphere – a mood of fun and fiesta time… exotic romance … music with the unique quality that only the Latin rhythms possess.

How does Bert Kaempfert create this magic? With the same superbly danceable and listenable style that has made each of his succeeding album releases a bigger favorite than any before.

His continental background, of course, gives him a certain instinctive flair for the Latin tempos. Certainly in the soaring trumpet notes, he communicates the emotional quality of this graceful and stirring music. And as the Kaempfert tones ring out, you truly share the glow of THAT LATIN FEELING.

Bert has gathered a wonderful array of tuneful treats in this album – including many great standards, SWEET AND GENTLE, THE BREEZE AND I, POINCIANA, MARIA ELENA, BESAME MUCHO – they’re all here, offering bossa nova, cha cha, rumba-bolero or merangue. And you’ll also find yourself swept up in the beat of some delightful originals.

Feel the inclination to get a melodic change of pace? Well, there’s no need to pack a bag, or get a visa stamped. Bert Kaempfert will take you all the way to THAT LATIN FEELING.

Bert Kaempfert - That Latin Feeling

Label: Polydor 237 633

1966 1960s Covers

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