101 Strings – Gypsy Camp Fires

Sleeve Notes:

Side One

Dark Eyes
Slavonic Dances
Two Guitars

Side Two

Brahms Hungarian Dance No. 6
Golden Earrings
Czardas (Monti)
Gypsy Song No. 4

Only the emotional depth of 101 Strings can capture the contrasts of tender emotion and fiery crescendos of a night at Gypsy Campfires. Olive skinned girls, with flashing dark eyes, break the quiet of night with the resounding rhythms of ribboned tambourines. The lovely rich tones of a violin fill the heart as it speaks of love that is old, new, lost, or yet to be discovered; for the music of the gypsy speaks of a spirit that is restless, free and beautiful. Mystery and romance fill each shadow until the last fiery embers fade and all is darkness again.

101 Strings - Gypsy Camp Fires

Label: Pye GSGL 1 0009

1958 1950s Covers

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