The Melachrino Strings and Orchestra - More Music For Dining

The Melachrino Strings and Orchestra – More Music For Dining

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The inimitable, cascading sound of the Melachrino Strings has glorified the music of many eras and many lands. In the field of mood music, no orchestra has contributed more than the Melachrino ensemble, investing already treasured melodies with a warm, rich interpretation that has given a unique identity to the orchestra.

Here the Melachrino Strings and Orchestra play a group of songs ideally suited for dining. Perfectly selected, the songs—in Melachrino’s able hands—become a single aura of sound, regal yet inobtrusive, distinctive yet never dissonant.

As you savor the aromas of the dishes you serve, as you perform the tantalizing touches that transform basic ingredients into an epicurean’s choice, as you present to your guests the fruits of your culinary adventure, nothing could be more appropriate than the enveloping waves of sound created by the Melachrino Strings.

As a host, you can be grateful to Melachrino—for providing music that effectively fills the gap you alone could not fill. Like an assembly of loyal friends, the Melachrino Strings and Orchestra bring the romance of music enticingly into your home.

Listening to this music as you dine, you will discover that you are closer to the heart of all that matters in matters of dining than you had been before Melachrino entered your life. To paraphrase the Bard, it is an experience devoutly to be wished.

The Melachrino Strings and Orchestra - More Music For Dining

Enjoy the lush, smooth sounds of the Melachrino strings on this track “Ramona”.

Label: RCA Victor LPM/LSP-2412

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