The Günter Kallmann Chorus – Wish Me A Rainbow

Sleeve Notes:

Beautiful music, wonderfully sung by a rich, velvet-voiced choir is what the Giinther Kallmann Choir is all about.

When you hear the pick of the very best popular songs of today and yesterday, you’ve got the kind of album perform-ance that’s likely to ring in the ears of good music listen-ers for a long, long time.

Presented here are songs like the charming WISH ME A RAINBOW and the entrancing LARA’S THEME (Somewhere, My Love) the hit melody from the film DR. ZHIVAGO, the thrilling inspirational hit ballad. THE IMPOSSIBLE DREAM, from the top award-winning musical of 1966, MAN OF LA MANCHA — a song which has become a major hit for Jack Jones which
now achieves a brand new hit status through this lovely choral version. STRANGERS IN THE NIGHT is another one of the top performances.

It is a program which simply adds further weight to the thesis that good music, well-arranged and presented with style and showmanship is truly, the universal language.

Label: Polydor 583 552

1966 1960s Covers

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