Ray Conniff – Love Is A Many Splendored Thing

Sleeve Notes:

This, Ray’s first HALLMARK album, is a historic occasion. Not only is it a delightful potpourri of the best of Conniff, but it is also a collection of the several “sounds” which are truly Conniff. The result is a synergistic blend which every Conniff fan will love and all new discoverers of Ray Conniff can treasure.

Ray Conniff himself is not only many-splendored, but many-faceted. This most recent collection demonstrates the remarkable versatility of Ray Conniff the composer, Ray Conniff the conductor, Ray Conniff the arranger and, above all, Ray Conniff the artist.

One of the most remarkable things about Ray Conniff, the man, is that he is forever showing us another side of his glittering virtuosity while retaining the “Ray Conniff Sound”… the “sound” that was the reason for, and is today the measure of, Ray’s successful career. Today it is his trademark. A trademark that cannot be copied or imitated, because the sound is the man and as such cannot he duplicated.

Tom Riley

Ray Conniff - Love Is A Many Splendored Thing

Label: Hallmark CHM 647

1969 1960s Covers

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