Longines Symphonette Recording Society - In A Sentimental Mood

Longines Symphonette Recording Society – In A Sentimental Mood

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The name Longines may be familiar to some as a famous watch manufacturer. This series of recordings by the Longines Symphonette Recording Society was an early form of product placement based on the esteem with which the watches were regarded. A more detailed history can be seen here.

For 30 years The Longines Symphonette has been a beloved landmark in American. family music, Through radio, television, live concerts and the now famous recorded Treasuries, The Longines Symphonette has served to bring music of all kinds into the American home on a carefully planned basis with the strongest possible emphasis on quality and superb performances.

Not limited alone to the favourites of the concert hall, the director The Longines Symphonette Recording Society, Mishel Piastro, surveys the music world to find for your pleasure and music education those performances that have a lasting and significant value that have by dint of achievement earned a place in your record library, Every Longines Symphonette Gold Medal Recording bears this unqualified guarantee:

Every record be manufactured of the finest pure vinyl Materials; engineering for the finest possible “Living Sound” will be under the direction of sound experts whose qualifications are unsurpassed; recording and mastering will be done using the latest, most highly developed equipment such as Ampex amplifiers, Scully Lathes, Telefunken microphones; finally, each individual record will be pressed with loving care, inspected to quality control standards more rigid than virtually any known record manufacturer employs.

Any Longines Symphonette Recording Society record may be returned within 10 days for either a full refund or replacement without question or quibble.

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