Jackie Gleason - Love Embers and Flame

Jackie Gleason – Love Embers and Flame

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Sleeve Notes:

This album, needs very few words of explanation. To millions it’s another superb package of mood music to add to a record collection that probably includes several, if not all, of Jackie’s previous albums.

For over the past few years Gleason has established himself rather firmly as the undisputed master of a special kind of “listenin’ music” — lush instrumental music that not only helps to create an atmosphere of relaxation, but also frequently proves to be the ideal complement to a quiet, romantic setting.

Once more it’s the unmistakable sound of the famed Gleason strings — here, two string orchestras — imparting their rich, full-voiced beauty to a dozen lovely ballads. Solo phrases are exchanged from opposite sides of the Stereo stage by piano and celeste on some tracks, mellow trombones and trumpets on others, and each orchestration is varied in mood and color, even as the moods of love so often vary from smoldering embers to bright-burning flame.

It’s music in the very best Jackie Gleason tradition, smooth arrangements designed to suit an evening of dancing, romancing, or easy listening.

Jackie Gleason - Love Embers and Flame

Label: Capitol SW 1689
Cover Photo/Capitol Photo Studio/Ken Veeder

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