Dance Date – Various Artists

Sleeve Notes:

They’re young, very much in love and they’re all set for their first dance date together. Yes, a real swinging evening lies ahead. In terms of money it will cost them little, but they’ll derive more pleasure from this evening than they would from an expensive night out at the most exclusive night club.

So off they go, with their eyes sparkling and their feet a-tapping. At the dance hall, the band is really letting rip, with rock ‘n’ roll, the Latin-American beat of the Cha Cha, the soft, soothing strains of the waltz (to allow them to get their breath back after that hectic rock number). And then the dance that Mum and Dad did some 25 years ago but which they now claim as their own, yes—the Charleston. All too soon, the night is over, and two tired but very happy and starry eyed teenagers make their way home. Yes, the night is over for them—until the next time; for you the night can go on indefinitely, because on this LP is every dance that you can want. 16 titles in fact and you can have a DANCE DATE every night. Happy dancing.

Dance Date - Various Artists

Label: Embassey WLP 6019

1961 1960s Covers

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