Beryozka Folk Dancers, Moiseyev Dance Company – Moiseyev Beryozka

Beryozka Folk Dancers, Moiseyev Dance Company – Moiseyev Beryozka

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Sleeve Notes:

Monitor presents the accordions and the balalaikas of the Moiseyev Dance Company and the Beryozka Folk Dancers Recorded in Paris

MOISEYEVI In the Spring of 1958. the Moiseyev Dance Company, virtually unknown to American audiences, arrived in the U. S. for its first appearance. By the time the gold curtains of the Metro-politan Opera House came down at the conclusion of the premiere, it was obvious that this spectacular company of 100 dancers had scored a triumph, probably without parallel in this century. The unanimous acclaim was unique. Balletomanes and Critics were overwhelmed by the ingenuity and inventiveness of Moiseyev’s choreography; the public marvelled at the delicious humor, high spirits ‘and virtuosity of a fantastic group of dancers. Three y,ars later, S. Hurok brought the dancers back for another sensationally successful tour; this time they needed no introduction, ,This recording was made in Paris under the personal supervision of Moiseyev’s Musical Director, Samson Galperin. Included is the unforgettable ‘Partisans.. (Detailed notes on the organization and development of the Moiseyev Dancers can be found on Monitor’s Russian Folk Dances of the Moiseyev Dance Company. MF 310.)

BERYOZKA -Captivating” . . …Charming” .. . . . “Grace. ful” … these were the words most frequently used by American critics and audiences in describing the creative choreography of the Beryozka Russian Dancers during their visit to the U. S. in 1959. The Beryozka Dancers, an all female group formed at an amateur folk dance festival in Moscow a decade ago, take their name from the Beryozka Reel, their most popular and enchanting dance. (Side 2, No. 1) Beryozka is the Russian for birch tree and traditionally symbolizes youth and spring, qualities which pervade most of the group’s dance.. One critic described their opening night this way: “. . . the Beryozka Russian dance company brought both charm and excitement. The charm exuded naturally from the freshness and vivacity of the all girl troupe: the excitement came from the fluidity and precision of their movements.” (Miles Kastendieck in the N. Y. Journal:American.)

A Statement by S. HUROK
A dream to pursue makes life continually challenging. My dream has always been to aid in bringing a closer understanding between peoples and nations through the international exchange of dance, music and drama. During my many years as an impresario, importing to the U.S. the most distinguished artists from some twenty countries, no groups have created greater excitement than the dance companies from the Soviet Union. All America remembers the extraordinary Moiseyev dancers…
S. Hurok

Beryozka Folk Dancers, Moiseyev Dance Company – Moiseyev Beryozka

Label: Monitor MF 311
Cover Photo: “Beryyozka reel” from USSR Magazine through Sovfoto
Cover Design: David Chasman

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